Flim gets a brand new search engine!

As you may have noticed our first search engine worked with tags. These tags were made by AI, most of the time they were not as relevant as we wanted. It was good at the beginning, but quickly we saw the limit of our search engine, we want something better for Flim. So we decide to change everything in order to make Flim a more powerful tool. And here we are, after a few months of work, we are very excited to show you our brand new technology !

Enter the Matrix

Flim has now advanced methods of artificial intelligence software known as neural networks which efficiently learns visual concepts from natural language supervision. Neural networks are a kind of machine-learning software loosely modeled on the human brain (the use of these networks has been responsible for most of the rapid advances in artificial intelligence in the past eight years).

Flim uses techniques that reverse engineer, what makes a particular artificial neuron fire the most to build up a picture of that neuron’s “Platonic ideal” for a given concept. For instance, Flim probed one neuron associated with the concept “gold” and found that the image that most activated it would contain shiny yellow coin-like objects as well as a picture of the text “gold” itself. A neuron affiliated with “ batman” was triggered in response to stills of a person dressed up as the comic book hero but also to the word “bat” Interestingly, a neuron affiliated with the concept “blue” fired in response to the words “sea” and “sky,” as well as the color and word itself.

At Flim we think that image search should incorporate a deep visual awareness, capturing an image’s artistic style and general mood, as well as its atmosphere and composition, rather than just the objects in it.

Basically, you can now ask Flim everything you want, however you want!

There are no limits to your search power anymore

Let’s have a quick check of how things change on Flim :

You can search with multiple words

Flim understands now if you combine multiple words. It is really helpful when you search for something really specific. Flim understands colors, numbers, abbreviations etc.

Man on a bench

Minimalist Landscape

Lighting a cigarette

Edward Hopper



Street of Paris

Creepy Atmosphere


Windows xp wallpaper

Girl on a phone

Angry Tiger

Metal Gear Solid

Scotland Landscape

Feeling when you are alone

Hotel Corridor

Cat looking at camera

French Revolution